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Equa! is an OSR adjacent system for tabletop role playing. It is about as minimal and esoteric as a role playing game can get.

The system itself is presented as a set of 'equations' that are only as correct as need be to facilitate the playing of the game.

Make of it what you will.

Equa! and it's expansions and addons follow a similar ethos. While not all being laid out as equations they all provide you with the tools to do something while leaving how to use those tools up to the players.

The Core Book.

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The Equa! core book contains everything you need to get started playing a tabletop RPG. The book is available as a perfect bound a6 zine or pdf and contains the following:

All of the content in this book is presented as a set of equations and symbols that are only as mathematically correct as to facilitate the playing of the game.

This book gives you the tools to play this game but does not tell you how to use them, how you use the tools you are given is up to you.

The System.

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The Equa! system a minimalist esoteric OSR. It lives on a few pages of a6 paper and provides you with the necessary tools to play the game, how you use these tools is up to you and your players.

As the game gives you the tools of play without telling you how to user them it is expected that every group of people will end up playing a slightly different version of the game, we hope that this ends up being the game that best suits them to play.

The system is presented to you as a small set of mathematics equations, you do not have to be a maths genius to be able to play them though. While they look like complex and daunting they hide behind them a surprisingly simple and elegant RPG system.

Character Sheet

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